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Golf Lessons


There are multiple PGA professionals on staff to give lessons ranging from beginners to experienced golfers. Lessons run from 45 minutes to an hour in length. We offer playing lessons on the course, group lessons, and clinics. The clinics may begin with the basic starting with the grip aim and lead all the way to the whole swing and more.


Our teaching professionals offer video training, where you can watch yourself in action.

Please contact any of our golf professionals for more information on golf lessons.

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Rick Slaght

Head Golf Professional

James Bastian

Pro Golf Assistant

“My philosophy on golf is somewhat simple; try to find the center of the clubface in every situation. A center face hit will always produce more consistency. I help my students achieve this by creating a more efficient and patient golf swing. We move so fast in our everyday lives. I enjoy teaching my students to unwind and let the club do the work.”

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